Return to Real Love

Let go of superficial love and hold fast to what’s real. Learn about yourself and get closer to a current or potential partner for deep, long-lasting connection.

Sexual Materialism

Your Vulnerability Is Your Strength

Own Your Words

Why Are You on a Dating Site?

The sexiest thing is trust.

The MotherJana Coaching Program is rooted in yoga and spiritual philosophy and teaches open, direct, and frequent communication surrounding sex and intimacy. Not only do I meet with individuals to develop personal goals of self-love and greater confidence, but I work with couples to discuss issues and sticking points surrounding intimacy so that we can foster deeper connection and longer-lasting, more fulfilling relationships.

And the biggest kicker of all? This process is fun. We meditate, we journal, we experiment, we talk and laugh. We take thousands of years of repression and shame surrounding sex and intimacy and get clear on what sex means to us. We discover that sex, at root, is a form of physical communication, and we learn how to use it to form a deeper connection with ourselves and our partners to heal in a physical, energetic way, a way that does not happen through traditional medicine or talk therapy. This is not purely about pleasure, though you’ll have that, too. This is about love.

Don’t you want to join the fun?

Coaching Packages for Groups and Individuals

Start an 8-week online coaching course to deepen connection to yourself or to kickstart intimacy in your relationship. I can also do one-time coaching calls to get you in a good mindset for a new relationship, or work with you to help uncover hidden blockages that exist in your body. Schedule a consult today!